. Microthin Stone | Ultra Thin Stone Solution Provider


Features to Microthin Stone Veneer:


What kind of applications we can do with Microthin Stone Products

The features of Microthin Stone Veneer creat more applications than what solid stone can be used for. It is not taking the current market shares of stone but creating more values for products with stone. 

  1. Architecture

    Easily attached on fat and curved surface by glue for wall covering, and for top ceiling decoration too. Saving the weight load for old building.

  2. Furniture

    Easier for fabrication, creates light stone furniture, easier for  Assembling as the light weight. 

  3. Art & Craft

     More Creative designs wold be coming into reality by using Microthin Stone. Unique selling point of stone would attract high-end consumers.

  4. Vehicle

    The weight limitation for decorative material in vehicle industry was an issue for stone, now it changes. 

  5. Appliances

    More choice than just metal and plastic for appliances, and easier for cleaning up with stone surface.