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Microthin Stone Veneer he Vice President of Business Development for Asia Pacific will play a vital role in working with our Asia businesses to identify and develop business strategies to fuel company growth. This outstanding business leader will further develop the corporate strategy capability for Ingersoll Rand which provides the tools, training, discipline and focus to perform accurate core economic and competitive assessments that will position the company for disruptive growth. This visionary leader will distill market data and rigorous analysis into actionable insights, while partnering with the strategic business units to develop a compelling long range plan poised for growth. The Vice President of Business Development for Asia Pacific will be seen as an important “architect” to feed that growth, drive consistent strategy, focus on key strategic initiatives, fuel relevant new product development, and support business development and M&A activities throughout the enterprise. This individual will partner with business and enterprise leaders to develop and manage acquisition pipelines, as well as to determine and execute partnership and disposition execution strategies.

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