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Microthin Stone Honeycomb Panel

Microthin Stone Honeycomb Panel

Thin - Light -Durable

What is it?

Microthin stone honeycomb panels are composite wall panels made up of a thin natural stone veneer reinforced with an aluminum honeycomb backing(fiberglass). The stone veneer can be almost any stone including granite, marble, limestone, slate and sandstone etc.

Lighter Product, Less Cost, Reduced Time!

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Features and specifications:

  •  Natural stone (3 – 5mm thickness)
  • Aluminum honeycomb (16∼20mm)
  • Aluminum or fiberglass backing (0.5mm)
  1. The thickness of the natural stone and the honeycomb could be changed according to your need.
  2. Usage: exterior cladding for walls, interior cladding for ceilings and walls, usually for high buildings.
  3. Light weight: about 13- 18kg/m2, about 1/5 – 1/8 the weight of the solid stone for exterior cladding. The weight varies from the thickness of stone layer and honeycomb panels.
  4. Easy to install due to the light weight
  5. Soundproof and heat proof due to the honeycomb
  6. Conquering the fragile property of natural stone, due to the honeycomb and the aluminum or fiberglass panel
  7. Low cost due to the light weight: the cost of groundwork of the building and the cost of steel frame for installation decrease, so the total cost of the building will be lower than use normal stone cladding.
  8. Regular size is 600 x 1,200mm, and the maximum size is 1,200 x 2,400mm. We can provide different sizes according to clients’ requirements.
  9. Microthin Stone Honeycomb panel can be used extensively in exterior, interior, renovation, elevator, furnitrue and specialty applications.

Faster Installation

Microthin Stone Honeycomb Panel is installed with dry hung system, reduce load of weight of structure and labor. It reduced 50% more time on installation.

The weight is only 16kgs per sqm, almost 20% of the classic stone slab.

Microthin Stone for Furniture

Less Risks on Transportation

Easier Assembling 

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