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It is glad to work with Microthin Stone, you are professional on thin stone, thanks for providing tech information for products development.

Mr.Philippe Moslener - Eng. Bombardier CA
Elskop Scholz, Ines Elskop

Ultra thin onyx on the honeycomb panel , it is the first time to have thin stone installed in the train car, Microthin Stone Panel is what we are looking for.

Ms.Ines Elskop - Founder ELSKOP SCHOLZ

Thanks for Microthin Stone Products, The big curtain wall is now much more secured by its light weight stone. The wall is for the main building of holiday hotel, it needs to be 100% well designed on load structure with stone.

Ms.Nikke - Secretary Indonesia Lippo Group

I am so proud that Microthin Stone is a research and innovation enterprise for stone industry , it creates new product type in the global market.

MR. Gu Guohua - Former Secretary General China Building Decoration Association