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It takes diligence to build a transportation system, especially when building an up-scale train; fully equipped with dining, lounging and sleeping cars, all of which like five-star hotels. You’ll never ride these trains however, because they’re in China, but it’s interesting how two New York architects were the ones chosen to design for China Railway. Tony finds out how they got the call. Taped: 05-03-17 Tony Guida’s NY is a new talk show illuminating the colorful corners of New York, and the city’s denizens from all walks of life. The series is hosted by veteran television journalist Tony Guida, well-known to New York area viewers from his work with WOR/Ch. 9, WNBC/Ch. 4, the Today Show, WCBS/Ch. 2, CNN, WCBS Radio 880 AM, and CUNY TV’s Arts in the City. Watch more Tony Guida’s NY at www.cuny.tv/show/tonygyidasny

Inspection In Microthin Stone(13Th. Aug. 2008)

The luxury train car from Bejing to Tibet