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Microthin Stone 

is an industry pioneer company specializing in research, development and manufacturing of ultra-thin natural stone composite panel. We have own-designed facility ahead of industry.

Microthin Stone  is committing on development and promotion of thin stone products , it has been introducing ultra thin stone veneers to decoration market and construction industry since 2002.

Microthin stone honeycomb composite panel was noticed by industry in market for 3mm stone layer (Granite, Marble, Lime stone, Travertine) since 2002.  it has received strong reactions from international decorating area. Now we would like to share more advantages about thin stone,  provide more solutions for architecture, furniture and electrical appliances with various thin stone products we have.

Microthin Stone Provides Solutions for Light Stone Decoration Not Only For Stone Industry

Microthin Stone Would Free Your Minds About Stone

Is it real stone? i can not believe it, how could the stone panel bent like plastic?

Most of customers would have the same question when they have first experience with thin stone. We are glad to explain that they are real stone, laminated with reforced backer, check the crystal inside of stone, they are random and natural, Microthin just changes the thickness of the stone. Stone becomes flexiable when it is thin enough.

Who Is Using Microthin Stone Products?